i want a company that’s committed to helping out in the community. a company whose mission is to make life better for the people they serve, and the children they want to develop and recruit for the future.

i want a company that truly values their employees over everything else. a company whose benefits demonstrate an appreciation and commitment to the people who make the organization successful.

i want a company that’s willing to part with general consensus on topics as important as the role of management within an organization. a company dedicated to creating value and shipping products that delight customers regardless of who gets credit for it.

i want a company that lets its employees work the best way they know how to, with the tools they prefer to work with, in an environment that makes spending time at the office a joy rather than a place where only business is done.

i want a company that is as accepting of failure as it is accepting of the new ideas which lead to it (and ultimately success).

i want a company that measures success not in financial profit but in customer satisfaction. a company whose focus is on creating the best possible experience for their customers.


it might sound crazy or even impossible, but i believe it’s out there. until i find it, i’m going to keep on looking.

i have a feeling you’re looking too.