it’s easy to take a look at a crowded marketplace and instead choose a different, smaller, or more emerging market for your newest product line. with mass markets, there’s a lot of noise to cut through and a lot of resources necessary to do so. challenging incumbents is never easy.

it’s just as easy to take a look at a crowded marketplace and decide that it’s the perfect place to launch your newest product line. riding the waves of mass appeal can bring as much success as blazing your own trail. after all, a small fraction of the pie can be larger than some other pies entirely depending on the size of the whole from which it’s taken.

there you are, stuck between the people saying  “nobody does it; it’ll never work,” and those saying “everyone does it; it’ll never work.” ultimately what matters most is doing the work, practicing your craft, and delivering on your promises to whichever market you’ve chosen. what matters is doing the work because it’s your passion. because you know you won’t give up on it and move on to something easier.

because you know that when you do it for the right reasons, you’ll always be successful.