… at least as we know it.

we’re living in a very interesting time where technology is becoming ever more democratized. the things that were rare once are available to almost anyone today. high-speed internet, large data processing centers, fast and efficient computing devices are each everyday items now which only just years ago were reserved for the most wealthy among us.

this democratization has given rise to a new generation of entrepreneurs who are changing the technology market, perhaps for good. software as a service is allowing organizations to increase their technology portfolios instantly at a cheaper cost than long-term custom built solutions. not only can you get software as a service, but you can get data centers as a service as well. no more need for a large data warehouse to store your information when amazon web services, microsoft azure, and others offer scalable solutions again at a fraction of the cost.

most technology consultants never cared about the actual organizational problems that exist because they made their money by treating the symptoms. but with so many technology solutions moving to the internet, there are countless options to choose from for organizations—who are only looking to buy cheap band-aids—which not only work on their systems but even on the everyday devices their people use.

technology consultants can’t offer band-aids anymore. we need to get to the root of the issue. it’s about time for a change in the way we work. time to get back to the basics.

time to get back to true consulting.