if you have a terrible product, worry less about how that product is perceived and worry more about making a better product.

if your airline offers terrible service, has constantly delayed flights, uncomfortable seats, and charges extra for every little amenity available—try to fix those problems before running that next ad campaign, or paying for the total overhaul of your airline’s logo and brand.

if you have a sandwich shop that over-charges for substandard subs, don’t hire that used-to-be-famous actor to become your new spokesperson and make a better sandwich instead.

if you make computers out of cheap plastic and OEM parts, don’t pay for a redesign of your online catalog and e-commerce site and make a better computer.

you can get some people to buy into your marketing campaigns and trick a couple more by coloring your logo a different way, but when all is said and done people gravitate towards value. the best sales tactic is to offer the best product in the marketplace.