when you look at successful teams, it can be difficult to identify the source of their success. what you may attribute to a strong management team or a clear and straightforward process may actually be due to one or more superheroes who are keeping everything together.

superheros make sure the job gets done, regardless of the circumstances. they force communication to occur, they aggressively remove roadblocks, and they make success happen in spite of the org chart and processes in place.

just like the superheroes of your favorite comic books, these superheroes also have secret identities. they’re the indestructible team lead. they’re the mild-mannered strategic communications specialist. they’re the eccentric (though maybe not billionaire) software designer.

if these superheroes should happen to go away, there’s no telling what might happen to your team or your entire organization. what was once a success could plunge into the lawlessness of miscommunication, information silos, slipping deadlines, and apathy.

so it’s up to you to dig deeper to uncover the true identities of these superheroes. it’s up to you to understand who is truly pushing your team forward. it’s up to you to decipher which processes are predicated on having a superhero in the loop keeping it all from falling apart.

your success depends on it.