while enjoying an afternoon cup and having my mind wander towards some big changes upcoming in my life, i noticed the sediment forming at the bottom of my mug.

i couldn’t make heads or tails of any shapes in the tea at all, let alone anything which might lend itself to prophesize the future. while some folks may claim to be able to read the tea leaves, i myself am not one of those people. the basic truth i’ve come to learn, instead, is that life takes its own shape in its own time.

the desire to ‘get it right’ and make perfect decisions from imperfect information can drive you mad. it’s better to extend yourself some grace and accept that you can always make another change if certain outcomes don’t go the way you hope they would.

be happy with the choices you make, and with the person you have become. instead of trying to read the tea leaves, enjoy the tea for being tea; both its flavor and the warmth it brings.