things don’t always go as you had planned. something at some point will happen which throws off your expectations. no project is without it’s problems challenges (sorry, in the consulting world we don’t like the word ‘problem’ because it has a negative connotation to it) — but before you institute solutions, you absolutely have to think about how it will affect the entire dynamic.

the problem with knee-jerk reactions is that they are generallyconceivedby the “fight or flight” portion of our brains; the portion of our brains that doesn’t consider impacts beyond the immediate situation. so while the reaction might be good for you right now in diffusing the situation or mitigating the issue, it may end up having negative impacts down the line.

fight the urge to make those knee-jerk reactions. your task, your project, your business is far too important to hinge its future on a decision made without just deliberation. before you make a decision on how to solve your next challenge, ask yourself two simple questions: “have i gathered multiple points of view?” and “have i really given good thought to this?”