you may have missed it, though you might not believe it, but the creators of the wildly popular (and completely irreverent) party game cards against humanity held a special black friday event just the other day. the special? they offered absolutely nothing for $5.

and they sold nothing to the tune of over $71,000 USD. [for a full breakdown, including a list of who bought what, click over to their site here.]

but of course we all know they didn’t sell nothing. over time, through hours and hours of late night parties, cards against humanity has provided thousands of people with countless laughs and helped forge stronger bonds between family, friends, and colleagues. the twelve thousand or so people who gave money didn’t do so for no reason at all. sometimes, a brand can create such loyalty, and a product can deliver such delight, that it’s worth supporting—over and over and over again.

if your organization asked for money for nothing, would anyone give $5?

the bigger question might be, why not?