change is difficult. inertia is easy.

when going in one direction, it usually takes less effort to keep moving in that direction than it takes to make any adjustments. we all enjoy when our life is made easier, that’s a part of being human.

but that’s why, however, some people end up being more successful than others — they have an innate feeling that whatever is easy to do isn’t worth doing. we call these people adventurous. we call them troublemakers. we call them leaders.but whatever you call them, one thing remains true: these people get things done.

we like to think that change happens because it makes sense. we like to think that discussions were had, plans were made, and the change was carried out because after all the details are looked at, one decision stood alone as the right one. but that’s hardly ever how changes occur. there’s more to it than that.

change happens when we decide that it’s going to happen. for all the talk and planning and analysis that we may go through, it all means nothing if there’s no action. it all means nothing if there’s no sustained action.

you’ll come across some villains — people that try to make things difficult. people whose inertia is taking them in a direction opposite of yours. others because they don’t like you, some because they don’t like what you stand for, and even more because they don’t like the fact that you might accomplish what it is they’ve been unable to do. some of these people may even be your friends. ignore them.

change takes effort. it takes motivation. it takes conviction and a relentless spirit. it takes doing.

if you can communicate to people why change is important, if you can inspire people to change, and if you can grow a following, if you can show people what to do — you’ll have a chance.

but only if you try.