there’s much more trust in the world than people think there is. every time you get in a car, you’re trusting that the other people on the road—traveling at 65-70 mph in heavy cars made of aluminum and steel—won’t crash into you. and yes, sometimes that happens, and when it does it takes a while to build up that trust again in others.

we’ve seen this same thing with our business and government ‘leaders’. with the wall street mishandling by the u.s. government, a congress which doesn’t want to work together, corporate greed running unchecked, and constant failures of leadership on a day-to-day basis makes it difficult to regain that confidence behind the wheel. and yet, even with all these failing leaders at the top, life still goes on. we still create amazing things each day. we still, in our communities, in our offices, in our families, do the things that need to be done to push our lives forward. we lead from the bottom.

because here’s the one leadership lesson that many leaders at the top never learn: what they say and do has a lot less of an impact on things than they think.