[this way out](http://www.flickr.com/photos/booleansplit/)
image by Robert S. Donovan, flickr artist

“wishing someone would sneak up behind me with a chloroform soaked cloth while I sit here in my pathetic cubicle doing work that means absolutely NOTHING to me.”


a few days ago, i saw this in my facebook feed. it was a post from a friend of mine with no fewer than 6 ‘likes’. it’s a pretty powerful statement and a sentiment that apparently resonates with more than a few people.

we need to find a way out. and soon.

on this 4th of july, it’s time to declare your independence. independence from the norm. independence from society’s expectations of cradle to classroom to cubicle. independence from NOTHING.

read, books, the internet — read anything that deals with what you want to be doing. watch documentaries about that field. LEARN about what those people do, and what they have done, in order to live the life you want to be living. pay close attention because chances are you’ll have to do some of those same things to achieve your own goals.

it’s time to declare your independence from yourself.

people have made changes before; they have given up on the 9-5 workday and they’ve gone out and made their lives work for them. in all of these cases, one thing remains true: it started with a conscious decision to give up on what they knew in order to start something else.that kind ofcommitmenttakes courage. it requires fortitude. if you’re going to have any chance of living the life you want to live, you’re going to have to decide if it’s worth the risk or not. is it worth giving up the comfort of a consistent paycheck? is it worth moving to a new city? is it worth moving away from your closest friends? your family? yourmettleis going to be tested for sure; before you go running off to start your own company or head back to college, ensure that it’s really what your heart desires.

it’s time to declare your independence from doom and gloom.

you might strive to reach your goal, to find that new job in that new place making more money than you hoped for, and never see those dreams become reality. yet there is no failure for anyone who strives to make themselves better, for even if you never reach your goals you are still better off than you were on the day you started. you will have experienced new things, seen new places, and learned what it means to be on the path ofcontinuousimprovement. and should your newendeavornot work out, you can always return to the corporate world of “business casual” dress and cubicle farms. there is no shame in that; there is no shame in trying.

it’s time to declare your independence.

what better day to start than today?