performance reviews.

that nasty phrase. we all have to go through them every year (if not more often than that). chances are you’re gearing up for one right now. part of your duty as a team member is to be involved in these reviews for others as a source of input. you may be interviewed or fill out a survey or just jot some notes down in an email to a manager, but in all instances there is usually a section in which you’re asked where people can improve.

it’s the part we hate. nobody really likes giving negative feedback about a friend—not generally at least—but it’s not just feedback about them. it’s also feedback about you. that’s what makes this section so important.

the next time you’re creating a list of items that someone else could be working on to get better, to improve themselves and their work, think to yourself about what you might be doing which may be hindering that person’s growth in those areas. think about what you’re not doing which is leading to that gap in performance and expectations. think about what you could be doing to help that person get better.