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with some recent events in my life, i’m reminded of the final lesson that mr. feeny taught me growing up. he said,

mr. feeny: “believe in yourselves. dream. try. do good.”

topanga: “don’t you mean ‘do well?’”

mr. feeny: “no, i mean do good.”

life never plays out the way you want it to—but the best that we can do is to do good, no matter what the situation. we might lose our jobs, our loved ones, our marriages, or we might just find ourselves in a town or place we no longer want to be in. despite what ills may befall us, doing the right thing is something that we should always try to do. there really is no excuse for not doing good. there are always ways that we can help people—you just have to believe in yourself, dream, and try.

grandmom clara, grandmom theresa, pop-pop frank, pop-pop anthony .. uncle cholly, aunt rosie, aunt lena, uncle domenic..

i’m trying to live as best as i can. i want, when people see or hear my name—the name you gave me—to say, “you know, that scardino is a good guy.”  i certainly hope that i’m making you proud. even though i know you’re looking down on me, i wanted you to know that i’m doing good.

i love and miss you all.