gwent—aside from being a county in the south of wales—is the name of a new collectible card game which can be found inside the newest release of the witcher video game franchise. i stress ‘inside’ for a reason, and before you pass out or click away because of all the ‘nerd’ going on here i’ll get to the point.

gwent is awesome.

you encounter a great deal of characters as you roam the lands of the northern kingdoms throughout the game. many of those characters you meet happen to play a table top card game called gwent and are more than happy to wager a few crowns to play against you. but the mechanics of gwent are so good, so well refined, and so intriguing that it very well could be its own standalone game, let alone rolled up as a small experience within the larger game of the witcher 3. it’s so good that in some cases gwent is actually stealing away press from the game itself. said one popular personality in the video games industry:

it speaks to the level of detail the game designers went to in order to provide the best experience for consumers of their product. that merely a small part of the larger whole was crafted with such diligence to be receiving so much critical praise is truly remarkable. it makes you ask the question of yourself: how much am i focused on all aspects of my customers’ experience? when was the last time i left my customers overjoyed? am i offering all that i can offer up front, or am i holding something back?

it’s true that executing the fundamentals are critical at preventing your customers from getting angry, but it takes commitment to delivering a total experience to truly delight your customers.