i am consistently impressed with the Field Notes brand. aside from making great notebooks right here in the USA, their customer support is ever a joy.

some time back, i bought some notebooks to hand out to coworkers who wanted them. a few good friends of mine contacted Field Notes to have them increase my order and provide a few other goodies as well. included in that order was a hand-written note explaining the situation.

recently, their newsletter announced a special deal: buy anything—literally anything—and get a free pack of notebooks included in your order. i bought a set of coasters, the cheapest available item. when my order arrived, i found not just the coasters and notebooks, but also a free pen and free “general-purpose band of rubber”.

it could have been easy to look at my order—a customer buying the bare minimum to get something for free—and treat it with disdain. instead they treated my order as though it was special.

good organizations follow through on their promises. great ones over-deliver.