i recently started running again after taking way too much time off from it. a few years back, it wasn’t uncommon for me to run 2-4 miles the morning and run another 4-6 miles in the evening. how has it been going now?


it’s real difficult. sometimes i can’t even get through a 2 mile run without having to take a walking break. but that’s ok. my goal now isn’t to run 4 miles in the morning and another 6 at night; it’s to do a little bit better than yesterday. my situation has changed and I know what my baseline is.

as individuals and organizations we have sales goals, performance goals, key indicators we’re trying to reach. what’s most important is not about reaching those days of former glory — because time has changed, environmental factors are different, and markets have shifted — but re-baselining based on current performance.

it’s pretty simple: to get where you want to go, you have to know where you currently are.