a year ago today, i was just cashing the last of my savings bonds to make rent for the month. i was jobless, having quit my last to try starting up my own business which ultimately failed, and had little hope at finding something else.

but thanks to a good friend, i found something—something i could go all-in on.

i left my previous employer for myriad reasons. my career stalled out. i was no longer happy. no longer growing. and so i quit because i dared to find happiness again and to become something more than i was.

eleven months later, my savings are replenished and my prospects are better than they were before. my life is not the life i envisioned i’d be leading at this point—not by a long margin—but i’m having the most fun i’ve ever had in my career working for an organization which is a better match for my personality, and am as respected in my new role as any i have ever been in before.

if there’s one thing the past eighteen months have taught me it’s that be it god, or the universe, or life in general—it takes care of those who dare to follow happiness. you can have a life more abundant if you have the gumption to take that jump. it may be terrifying, but you will make it through to the other side.

all it takes is courage.