i’m tired.

i mean it. i’m really fed up.

i can make bank transfers, and pay bills, and shop online from my cell phone. why then can’t i access a file stored on a sharepoint installation from that same device? why can’t i access the latest updates from members of my team on our project from an enterprise 2.0 solution? why can’t i do it all pain free — just as i do my online banking (or my shopping at express)? don’t tell me there are security concerns about accessing proprietary information outside of the corporate firewall. i don’t want to hear it; it’s just an excuse.

i need knowledge when i need it — not where or when you want to allow me access to it. i’m interfacing with clients all the time — hardly ever at my office — and i need to have the right information available to me so that i can help them make informed decisions. i can’t be bothered to jump through hoops just to get that information.

i walk around with an iphone in my pocket all day, and i can hardly use it for more than pulling up a lightsaber, finding waldo, and making fart noises. it’s unacceptable.

if you work in enterprise security, i’m holding you personally accountable. for far too long you have lagged behind the curve when it comes to the rest of the technology world.

it’s time that you finally catch up.