image by steve.grosbois, flickr artist

you work for 32 hours from monday through thursday. you wake up on friday morning with an extra spring in your step,looking forward to the upcoming weekend. but today isn’t your ‘normal’ friday; today is different.

instead of working on client deliverables, or manning the grill at a local restaurant, or waiting tables down at the pub, you get 8 hours to do whatever you’d like to do.

what would you do with it?

would you start work on that big idea you’ve always had? would you enroll in a culinary course in your area? would you learn how to brew your own beer?… or would you play farmville on facebook? or sleep in until noon? or drink some free cold ones that your friends bring you out back behind the bar?

if you’re an employer, why not give your employees 8 hours a week and see what they do with it? trust me, you’ll recognize the ones who are worthwhile and the ones who aren’t very quickly.

then, invest heavily in the ones that are because they’re going to take your organization places. they’re natural born world-shakers.