every so often, people come to me asking about starting their own blog and invariably the conversation leads to that person saying: “but i don’t know what i’d write about.”

it doesn’t really matter, does it?

we are blessed to live in such a remarkable time where anyone can be anything they want to be through the power of technology. you can maintain a blog about something as strangely specific as white cheeses and find your own tribe of followers on the internet. everyone is weird; you merely have to find weird people who are like you.

dozens upon dozens of youtube stars were born almost accidentally because one day they said to themselves, “i’m going to make a video.” about what? who cares. overly attached girlfriend became an internet phenomenon because of a video she posted about justin beiber.

think writing is too difficult? don’t want your face on youtube? create your own podcast. you can do it all with free software. record yourself in garageband, get a free wordpress site, download a free plugin for creating podcast feeds, and submit your feed’s link to iTunes (which is also free). congratulations, you’re now a podcaster.

blogs, video blogs, ebooks, podcasts, music… you can publish any of it by yourself and most of it at no cost. there are on gatekeepers on the internet—no one to tell you that what you made isn’t good enough for mass appeal. there’s nothing stopping you from putting your art out into the world and finding your own tribe.

nothing except for yourself, that is.