some tasks are perfect. they have high visibility within your organization, offer a tremendous amount of growth, are fun to work on, and provide you with a launching pad for the remainder of your career. these tasks are very sexy, and everyone wants to be on that team.

on the other hand are the tasks which aren’t very sexy. they’re the grunt work. things that just have to be done. they’re often more mundane, don’t impact a large amount of folks, have limited to no visibility outside of your immediate team, and will never draw the attention of the higher ups in your organization who have the ability to advance your position. they do, however, come with an amazing upside.

because no one wants to be in on those unsexy tasks, there’s often less oversight meaning there’s more room for you to experiment. more options to try things your own way and work at your own pace. they offer the ability to think and to play.

you might find one end of the spectrum is far sexier than the other, and it might not be the one everyone thinks.