i haven’t written a blog post in a little while. every time i sat down to type something out, it seemed that i didn’t have anything that was really worth saying. but then i started reading some blog posts from other people—5 things every entrepreneur should have; 10 reasons your top talent leaves; the top 3 attributes of successful startups—and holy mackerel, there’s some serious wastes of time out there.

it begs the question: in a digital landscape such as today’s, what’s actually worth reading? and more importantly, what’s worth writing?

my friend sarah started a blog recently about living with mental illness. that’s actually the name of it. (sarah always was more clever than me.) it’s some of the most useful reading you can do on the internet, and i hope you’ll check her out and provide some words of encouragement.

she’s doing a brave thing that’s worth your time. trust me, buzzfeed will be there when you get back.