many new efforts generate a lot of excitement. people like shiny new things, and even more so they like the idea of shiny new things yet to come. if looking for partners or volunteers when undertaking a new enterprise, don’t be surprised if you hear a lot of yeses. but also know this to be absolutely certain:

of the people and partners who have signed on to your new endeavor, at least one person will quit before you get it off the ground.

knowing that, who is going to pick up the slack for the person who dropped out? who will take on their responsibilities? if you don’t have an answer and momentum gets halted, it can absolutely kill your new enterprise before it even gets started.

but it doesn’t have to happen that way. expect departures. know that certain people will let you down. plan ahead. and remember to always strike while the iron is hot. above all else, look for the people who say, “i’m going to be there,” and actually show up. then, don’t let those people go.