don’t millenials need to adapt to us?

this question is everything that’s wrong with leadership today. this bias against the younger generations because they somehow are entitled or were given too much attention as kids. whether your preconceived notions are right, wrong, or indifferent, it doesn’t matter; you cannot hold to this line of thinking that a whole generation needs to adapt to your organization. maybe millenials are spoiled punks who think they deserve everything without having to earn it. but like it or not, those millenials today are going to be your workers tomorrow.

expecting that millenials are going to change their ways and adapt to your line of thinking is like saying “my boat, rod, and reel are perfectly fine. the reason i’m not catching anything is because of those damn fish.”

we’re having the kinds of problems we’re having today because we’re holding on to old mindsets regarding education, people development, and the very ways in which our organizations approach business. look at america’s world rankings in almost any important category. we’re not winning anymore (unless you count the rate of incarceration). we’re losing the present, and if we don’t change we’re going to risk losing out on the future as well.

stop blaming the fish.