i get approached a lot to be a voice for people. folks who are looking for help in getting their name out, their brand out, their newest creation recognized and accepted by the community within our organization. but that’s not really how things work.

people don’t listen to me because i have the most followers, and i’m not respected for the number of likes i have. it’s about authenticity. people listen to what i have to say because of the way that i say it: in my own voice. the moment i start to peddle someone else’s work—with the message they want to send—is the moment people recognize that i’m no longer being genuine.

if you want me to spread your name, if you want me to help sell your ideas, or if you want to use my tribe as members of your own—there’s a really simple way of accomplishing your goal.

create something so special that i can’t help but tell everyone about it.

pro tip: start by building a personal relationship i can’t live without.