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i’m not sure exactly what my favorite part of hockey is. as a goaltender (in my younger years), i have to admit that few things get me going more than a glove save on a 2-on-1 breakaway. i can still appreciate a fine dangle, though.

i can tell you with conviction, however, that one of the best moments is the celebration when a player scores a goal. the unbridled passion, the camaraderie, everything great about the sport of hockey comes through in one moment shared by 5 players on the ice (sometimes more). it’s one single moment that embodies all of what hockey is about.


so why is it, that hockey players—among other athletes—celebrate their teammates hard work together, but we in business don’t? anyone who hits a home run in baseball is greeted with a collection of fist bumps when he gets back to the dugout, basketball players get chest bumps after knocking down a big three late in a game, football players get a firm slap on the butt after a big play, and soccer players… well, they

do things differently than everyone else. but no matter the sport, they all celebrate together.

what is it about business that makes us treat the dolling out of awards and kudos as a function of management? imagine if home runs didn’t come with fist bumps, and soccer didn’t come with… miko vucinic. imagine a sports world where goals weren’t celebrated, or big plays appreciated, except when from a coach.

so the next time you see a co-worker putting in long hours, or shoveling tons of crap to keep the client happy, don’t wait for management to step in and give an award. do it yourself.

organize a happy hour in their honor and pay for the first round. buy them lunch when you see they’re too busy to stop and grab one themselves. every day there are opportunities to thank each other for doing the hard work that many—especially management—take for granted. find some way to express your gratitude.

because what good is scoring a goal if no one’s there to… take off their pants?