i think at times to certain people in my life who i know consistently show up. howie is probably reading this right now. i know joel is, and jess, and katie as well. and the thing about all these people is i know that if i spoke with any of them they wouldn’t bullshit me about anything, and that i could absolutely count on them to show up if i needed them to. one of the things i derive the most pride from in my life is knowing that they—and others as well—view me in the same light.

i also think a lot about the series finale of boy meets world. (i’m outing myself as an elder millenial in saying that, but it was on television during some of my most formative years.) in the empty classroom when they all ask mr. feeny for one final lesson, he tells them: “do good.” … “don’t you mean ‘do well’?” … “no, i mean do good.”

and i just believe that if we can do those things—if we can show up in people’s lives, and if we can focus on doing good—we can have such a tremendously positive impact on the world.

i know it’s not easy. but if we make the effort. if we really honestly give it a go. if we check on someone we haven’t spoken to in a while or who we know is feeling down. if we try to help someone out of a shitty situation. if we teach something new to another person. if we ask someone to teach us something new. and if we can consistently do that and show up in each others’ lives…

we just might be onto something special.