you’ve probably seen the blog posts before: “successful people all have these things in common.”

they will tell you successful people wake up and start their day before anyone else does. successful people read more books than normal people read. successful people don’t waste their time on social media. successful people work harder and take on more projects than other people.

while some of those things may be true, it doesn’t scale.

you can be the best you can possibly be—grinding away at everything from small everyday tasks to transformative big rock projects—but you’re only one person. and someone who busts their ass for ten, twelve, sixteen hours a day is just one hard worker doing the work of more than one person. that’s not success. the only way to truly become successful is to ‘multiply’ yourself; seek out amazing people who share a common goal and vision for the future, and take on that future together.

successful people build intrigue. intrigue becomes support. support grows into teams. teams develop a following.

that’s how you scale success.