the waves down by the ocean can be calm and relaxing with the sound of their lapping against the beach putting you to sleep in mere moments (i’ve gotten sunburn a few times because of this). they can also be a force of total destruction, ripping piers out into the sea and destroying oceanfront property.

leaders too can also be like waves. they can be either a calming influence on others or a destructive force sending people rushing for cover. that’s why it’s important to be assertive, yet always remember to have empathy and consider all different viewpoints and what outcomes others are pushing for. if you’re not assertive enough, your waves don’t shape the shoreline. if you’re too strong, your waves cause damage and upset the people around you.

that’s why the best wave to be is the one that hits beachcombers while they’re wading out from the shore just a little high enough and a little hard enough to make them remember: this may be a gentle force, but it’s still a serious force.