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the best energy is free energy

i was walking around town center during ‘y not wednesday?’ when i passed a monster energy drink branded pickup truck giving out free samples (and by sample, i mean an entire 550ml can of monster import). i’ve been known to dabble in energy drinks, so i was pleased as punch to be getting myself a free can.

but to monster, it’s not just a sample; it’s more than that. it’s ‘free’ marketing.

it’s people like me who called up their friends who also live in the area to let them know there was free monster to be had. it’s people like me who posted an update about it on facebook. and now it’s even people like me who wrote a blog post talking about it. that’s monster’s name getting out there.. a lot.

smart brands don’t just see free samples as a way to convert people and sway their interest, but they see free samples as a way of getting free marketing as well. 10 years ago this wasn’t the case, but the social internet is changing things.

perhaps giving away something for nothing isn’t that bad of a business practice.