anyone with an apple macbook computer will notice those keys. they’re the first four keys on the bottom row.

they also provide some helpful information about conflict.

  • continue to function. there’s a job left to do, even when everything around you seems to be crumbling.
  • control what you can control. raise your concerns, address the situation, but never lose sight of what you can and can’t influence.
  • find alternative options. the best way forward may not be the ‘right’ way forward. look for ways to come to a mutual agreement.
  • command the situation. de-escalate tensions and prevent the situation from getting out of control. no one will come to like the outcome if tempers flare up.
  • BONUS: find some space. you can be too close to the situation to see things clearly. find some room to open up a new perspective. see the overall environment and think about the unintended consequences of moving forward in either direction.