for many years, science fiction authors have given us stories where the line of distinction is so very fine that it is easy for utopian worlds to quickly fall into dystopia.

it sadly feels sometimes like we are already living one of those stories.

an internet completely connected and available at almost any moment makes it possible to communicate with friends a world away in real-time. we can share memories and build relationships. we can connect ideas together to build amazing things. we can break down barriers to entry and open up education for free. that same internet, however, makes it possible to live-stream mass murder and hate crimes. to share reckless conspiracy theories and dangerous ideologies.

the line is so incredibly fine it is easy for this hyper-connected world we’ve built to fall into dystopia. we must ensure we don’t head down that path.

be mindful of the things you consume, the people and corporations you support, and ever more mindful of what you put out into the world.

make it good.