i’ve been reading too many blog posts lately and listening to too many podcasts which act like disruptive innovation is going to ruin organizations pushing for it. they cite google’s abandoning of their ‘20% time’ initiative a while back as an obituary on disruptive innovation. they focus the discussion more on organizations making small changes rather than large pivots. and while i believe that all progress is good progress—and many small changes can add up to a great deal of good—i still don’t understand the backlash against disruption.

i feel that anytime you empower your employees (or yourself) to think big, think differently, and try building something that’s never been done before—that’s a good thing.

making incremental changes works well… until one day when someone shows up—someone who was bold enough, talented enough, and willing to fail while daring greatly—who does disrupt the market and leaves you scrambling.

playing it safe is never a bad play, until it is.