i recently listened to episode 34 of what’s quickly becoming my favorite business-related podcast out there called The Nudge by a group of aussie developers. they discuss the disillusionment of the workforce and what it means to sell your soul. it’s an absolute must-listen.

an interesting point brought up during the discussion is the notion that compromise is an inherent part of doing work. you must to give a little to get a little later on. for instance, taking on clients you might not particularly want to work with in order to build your CV and enhance your reputation before making your own demands on the market. the question then becomes this: how do you know if the work you’re doing is merely compromise or if you really are bleeding over the line and selling your soul?

it’s important to remember that you can’t sell your soul without first knowing what your soul is. define what your own core values are—what your purpose is in life—and remind yourself of that often. you may find that as time goes by, your values and priorities change. perhaps you get married, have children, a friend develops cancer, etc.

life events can change who we are as well as our perspective on the world and the work we’re put here to do in it. take time out today to think about what your soul is, and—as the chaps say—put it down somewhere you’ll look at it often. remind yourself what your purpose is everyday.

then, if after all the introspection you find that you are abdicating who you are just for a paycheck, have the gumption to take the risk and change your situation.